Searching for a good web site and project name

Hi folks, nice that you are on this new web site.

I am still looking for a nice web site and project name for the dictionary.

So any suggestions would be nice if you post it here!




12/16/2009 20:39 PM
How about a mix from two languages ^^

For example: kata kata book (thats a bad name but it´s an example to imagine what i mean)

lg shisha :)
04/13/2010 02:55 AM
Hi simon!

How about "KamusKu" ( mein Wörterbuch ). Ich denke dass es einfach "simple" ist.
04/20/2010 16:58 PM
Hi, finally some other people also think and make a post about a better name!

I really appreciate that. Thanks!

Both ideas are actually good. I thought already on something like kamuskita (our dictionary) or a shorter form like k-k, k2 etc. but I didnt really find the wright name!

So I think I will still think about your ideas and if you have any other suggestions just let me know.

04/20/2010 21:56 PM
my idea: or or any TLD :D
05/05/2010 13:27 PM